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The Dog Hub Presents: Dog Lovers Club

Join a community of other Dog lovers and watch us grow!

Why Join Our Dog Community?

The Dog Lovers Club webring is actually part of a much larger dog lover community within The Dog Hub which is our full fledged dog commnity. This site and webring exist thanks to the support of the dog boutique that sponsors it. The Dog Lovers Club was designed to connect Dog lovers together. Being a part of this webring will not only do that but much more also. You will get more traffic to your site which means more visitors, but you also will get a boost in the search engines because of how the webring was built. This was done as a bonus to our members. Not only that, but this webring is actually part of a much larger webring that we have called the "Super Ring". We have never seen anything quite like it on the internet. Let's talk about that now.

The Super Ring

What is the "Super Ring?" In short, we have placed many smaller webrings into a really large one and connected them all together. When you join the Dog Lovers Club you are joining more than an ordinary webring. Most webrings are centered around a single topic (in this case Dogs) and once you get to the end of all the sites in that ring you are done. This has been done a million times and has been around for quite a while. While the typical webring is not a bad thing, it is old and outdated. Most everyone knows what a webring is. You place a small graphic on your site that has some "previous" and "next" links on it. When a visitor clicks one of those links it takes them to another site in the ring. Many of these webrings are a jumbled mess and are full of sites that should not be there. Therefore, the real sense of community can get lost. We make sure that does not happen here. It is time to step into the modern age with something that is much improved on an old idea. In fact, I don't think that there is anywhere on the internet that you can find a webring like the one we have built. We are pleased with the outcome and hope that you will want to become a part of it.

So What Makes The Super Ring Special?

The Super Ring was built to create the largest dog community webring on the internet. In short, the way we did this was to start with building individual dog breed webrings like this one, the (Dog Lovers Club). After we have built many of these individual breed rings we then built a larger ring to connect all of these together. This has been done in such a way as to have each dog breed ring maintain its individuality, but still connect to other dog breed rings at the same time. That way, once a visitor is done looking through a particular ring, they have some options as of what to do next.

  • They can move on to the next dog breed ring
  • They can move on to a previous dog breed ring
  • They also have the option of leaving the rings entirely and going to The Dog Hub home page.
  • Last, they can go to a page like this one and fill out the form if they want to join and add their site to a breed specific ring.
Here is a graphic to illustrate how this looks:

Increased Traffic To Your Website

With the way that the Super Ring was built, you gain many times more traffic to your site than from an ordinary webring since many individual rings are connected together. When a visitor gets done looking through a particular ring, they can move on to the next one. The more people that join, the more traffic it brings to you which means more visitors. We are constantly launching new breed rings so the Super Ring is always growing which means much more traffic to your site. We also use what is called a 301 redirect for the links in the ring whereas other webrings use a 302 redirect. Without a 301 redirect, you get no benefit from the links you get other than some traffic. Here you get the traffic and the benefit of better search engine visibility. The difference is that the links in our webrings will pass along ranking benefits from the search engines. The bottom line... you get free traffic and search engine visibility that most people pay a lot of money for.

We Only Approve Quality Sites

We only approve quality sites. This means that you won't be sending your visitors to bad or irrelevant websites. Not to mention that if approved, you can have many quality links pointing to your site and it grows over time. After you apply, we will personally look over your site to make sure it qualifies. Once approved, you will get the webring code that is easy to put on your website and then we will activate you into the system!

You Gain Access To Our Dog Lover Community

On top of being a part of the Dog Lovers Club, and the much larger Super Ring, you can join the community site as well. The Dog Hub is a fun place where dog lovers can share ideas and talk amongst each other. There are a lot of fun things to do such as upload your dogs photos, start your own blog, chat with other members, join our forum, start your own group and more. There is a section where only Dog lovers will be able to communicate with each other. After you fill out the form and join the webring you can go to the home page of The Dog Hub and sign up there. It is a fun place and you will be able to share, learn and grow in our dog loving community.

To Sum It All Up

All that is needed to be in the club is to place the webring graphic on your site once you are approved. **If we contacted you already, then you are already approved.** Here is a sample of what the graphic looks like (without the webring links in it)

1. You can fill out the form below (name, email address, and the URL of your website) and we will email you the instructions to place the graphic on your site (it is as easy as cut and paste). All you need to do is copy the small piece of HTML code that we give you, and then paste it on your page where you want the graphic to appear and you are done.

***Getting the graphic on your site is very easy.***

You need to fill out the form (name, email address, and the URL of your website) and we will email you the instructions to place the graphic on your site. ***You don't need to put in the "http://" It has already been included.***

So fill out the form below to get started.

The Dog Lovers Club Membership Form

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